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After a few years in Canaan, the Lord advised Abram to return to Haran and he did so remaining there for several years, when he was instructed by the Lord to return to Canaan.

A famine occurred in the land of Canaan and Abram desired to enter Egypt, however, he was aware of the great beauty of Sari and was afraid that he might be killed and Sari taken by Pharaoh. Abram decided to hide Sari in a chest and place it among his belongings and also advised her to say she is his sister if she is discovered.

Later, when his things are examined Sari is discovered and because of her great beauty Pharaoh was informed and he too was struck by Sari’s beauty. Sari knew what was to come and prayed to the Lord for help.

In the meantime, Pharaoh asked what her connection was to Abram and Sari answered, “He is my brother.” Pharaoh ordered that gold silver and precious jewels be sent to her “brother” and that he be brought before him. That night in the king’s court, Abram was greatly exalted before him.

The king approached to speak to Sarai, and he reached out his hand to touch her when the angel smote him heavily, and he was terrified and he refrained from reaching to her. And when the king came near to Sarai, the angel smote him to the ground, and acted thus to him the whole night and the king was terrified. And the angel on that night smote heavily all the servants of the king, and his whole household, on account of Sarai, and there was a great lamentation that night amongst the people of Pharaoh‟s house.

The king kept his distance and said pleasing things to Sarai and asked her who the man was that accompanied her. Sarai confessed that Abram was her husband. In the morning Pharaoh called for Abram and asked why he deceived him. Abram explained that he was afraid Sarai would be taken from him and he himself killed.

Pharaoh gave Sarai back to Abram and told them to leave the land, lest “we all die on her account.”

He also gave Abram more cattle, silver, and gold. The king also gave Sarai one of his daughters born of a concubine as a handmaiden. Abram arose and left to return to the land of Canaan.

My Thoughts:

It should be noted that Sarai is extremely beautiful and in most probability, as it was with Zilla and the other beautiful women, she drank the concoction to remain so.

At the time she was still barren.

Now we could have two possible scenarios working here.

  1. Sarai has a “power” of her own accord as a result of consuming some powerful agent and is capable of inflicting actual damage when angered or in a “rage” simply by willing it (aiming it) upon an adversary.
  2. She could “plant” an image of great infliction into the mind of an assailant and it would become so vivid it was taken as the “real thing.”

In either case, I believe her power came as a direct result of her bodily saturation with the concoction and that allowed her to reach into another dimension (Heaven) and call upon powers that are difficult for us to fully understand.

In conjunction with the “draught” or something stronger, those powers are possible as a result of strong belief, purity, righteousness, and devotion to the ways of God.

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