The Book of Jasher – Chapter VIII: Part 1

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The Book of Jasher – Chapter ViIi: Part 1

This chapter describes a celebration of Terah having Abram, but some wise men studying the stars that same night foretell of the greatness of Abram and his eventual overthrow of nations and kings.

They hesitate but eventually reveal the vision to Nimrod. Now the king wants Terah to bring Abram to him so he can be killed. Terah argues with Nimrod, loses and as a trick, takes a newborn baby from another woman to Nimrod and that child is murdered. Nimrod is under the impression that the threat is over.

Terah in the meantime takes Abram and his mother to a cave where they are provided for monthly. Abram and his mother remain hidden away in the cave for ten years. After that time, Abram, his mother, and nurse went to Noah and his son Shem to learn the ways of the Lord.

They remained there until Abram was thirty-nine years old. Abram knew the Lord from age three and he went in the ways of the Lord until his death, as Noah and Shem had taught him.

My Thoughts:

It would appear that Terah was giving his wife the concoction and later in life at age 70 she conceived Abram. Now referring to the possibility of a fetus inheriting special powers from its father or mother (mother in this case), we find that Abram is specifically described by Nimrod’s “wise men” as growing up and having great power.

We also find that Terah is willing to give up his wife and child to prevent harm from coming to them. I can only assume that Terah‟s wife is the one devoted to God and is desirous of having him further instructed in His ways by Noah and Shem.

I selected his mother because it would appear that Noah and Shem would frown on Terah for worshiping gods of wood and stone:

…Terah, Abram‟s father was among the first to serve gods of wood and stone. He had a god for each month of the year and would bring meat offering and drink offering to them. Except for Noah and his household, all men were serving false gods.

Later we will discuss psychotronic generators, which are mechanical devices used to perform the work of psychics. It is possible that these devices were at one time considered gods.

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