The Book of Jasher Chapter – VII

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Let’s return to The Book of Jasher and Enoch:








(Break in) This is certainly a very interesting chapter. We find that upon Adam and Eve‟s exit from the Garden of Eden, they were wearing “garments.”

Is this a misunderstanding of something higher? Could it be that their bodies were filled with the “concoction” and that they were fully capable of passing the formula down to their offspring? As this particular chapter reveals, the “garments” were a secret formula complete with ingredients designed to be used in a crude “laboratory” of some type.

 The secret formula may have endowed significant power to anyone possessing it. It could have been preserved, kept secret and passed down to certain of their descendants.

Philosophically the “Cloak of Invisibility” is referred to as a garment – in fact, it is a powerful mental suggestion projected from a person of extraordinary powers.

One example would be, 

“He invoked the cloak of invisibility and no one saw him leave the building.”

In actuality, everyone was temporarily asleep as “he” walked casually out of the building.

A garment was not needed nor was it used.

Following the “trail” of the “garments.” Upon Adam‟s death they were given to Enoch, then when he ascended, to Methuselah, his son, and father of Noah.

After the Ark settled, Ham stole the garments from Noah. When Ham‟s son Cush was born, he gave the garments to him in secret and he held them for many days.

Later when Cush had Nimrod they were given to him. It is here that we learn that the “garments” of Adam and Eve held great power. When Nimrod was twenty years old, he put on those garments. (Or should we say, “He began to experiment with the power of fasting, meditation and proper use of the “concoction?”).

 …Nimrod became strong when he put on the garments of Adam and God gave him might and strength, and he became a mighty hunter. He hunted animals and built altars, and offered the animals before the Lord. He was strong in battle and fought battles for his brethren. The sons of Noah were under his power and counsel.

(Break in: Now Nimrod has gained power over all the sons of Noah and as previously mentioned, built altars and sacrificed them to the Lord. However, we are about to find the meaning of  “greed” and “self-aggrandizement.”)

…Nimrod did not go in the ways of the Lord, and he was more wicked than all the men that came before him.

From the days of the flood, he made gods of wood and stone, and he bowed down to them, and he rebelled against the Lord, and taught all his subjects and the people of the earth his wicked ways; and Mardon his son was more wicked than his father.

“On the seventh day, Enoch ascended into heaven with a whirlwind, with horses and chariots of fire.”

My Thoughts:

Here is a man that has been given a sacred power (Garments of Adam and Eve OR THE SECRET FORMULA AND PROCEDURES FOR USING IT “falling off the wagon” and using it for his own evil purposes. We must ask, why? The answer could lie in the history of Enoch and the procedures and time it took for him to gain “complete” knowledge of God and His world. He had to restrain himself from the sons of men in secret. It is assumed that he spent many a lonely “time” in fasting and meditation to make the advancements in penetrating the “Heavenly” dimension he accomplished. Eventually, he secreted himself from the sons of man for a complete year before coming to them. Nimrod doesn‟t seem to have a “philosophical” bone in his body. He is interested not in meditation, but hunting and winning battles for his brethren.

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