The Life And Times Of An Adventurous Man - Robert Nielsen

This is a timeline and story about my extremely varied background. I feel my background should be documented because of certain historical contributions I’ve inadvertently made and experienced in the field of Personal Computers, and Microprocessors.

It’s hoped appropriate recognition will be afforded to my hometown, Charleston, South Carolina, the Kenbak-1 – the “World’s First Personal Computer,” its inventor, John V. Blankenbaker, and the Electronic Instructors that passed on knowledge of computer technology to my students and because I’ve made significant new historical discoveries concerning the Civil War, that deserve honorable mention.

At the time of this writing, I’m seventy-seven years old. My autobiography will cover major events in my life, especially with IBM equipment, computers, and training. The experience with IBM machines will eventually lead to the ownership and operations of an accredited Junior College, and equip me with the necessary skills for pioneering the world‟s first personal computer.

I also opened and operated a silver refinery, went gold mining in Mexico, made major historical discoveries concerning the Civil War, and hunted for Confederate treasure in South Carolina, amounting to over 225,000 troy ounces of gold. The market price for that amount of gold as of July 13, 2011, would be $348,750,000.00.

Anyone reading my autobiography should hold on to their seats – they might experience a “bumpy ride.”

My life has been so full of adventure it’s impossible for me to remember every detail. In that regard, I must record the events I consider exciting and important to me. At the appropriate time, I will devote much time to my experience with IBM machines and computers, as that was the driving influence to qualify me for pioneering the Kenbak-1, or “The World‟s First Personal Computer.”

I got involved with the Student Finance Company also known as SFC and its President/CEO Andrew Yao. This company inflicted a great amount of financial damage to Nielsen Electronic Institute by operating a Ponzi scheme. I sued them and they countersued. Their attorneys were more successful than mine and I lost before, District of Delaware, Judge, Joseph J. Farnan. Later SFC would meet its downfall in other lawsuits leading it into bankruptcy and Andrew Yao into a 5-year federal prison sentence. As the “guinea pig” and his mentor for the legitimate financing of student tuition, I lost many millions of dollars.

My childhood was full of adventure and although I failed to graduate from High School, I did obtain the General Educational Development scores, sufficient to be awarded the GED.

The early life documentation may be useful to a psychologist, should any be interested, in analyzing the eventful life I’ve lived.

In all my travels, I’ve never met anyone who could “compete” with the fullness of life I‟ve experienced.