There is much rejoicing upon the return of Spirit to the Supreme Power. Some of Its companions found great delight in observing the pleasure, asked, and were granted permission to set up Refugee Stations for the purpose of assisting more Children of Light.

  • The stations are staffed by perfect Spirits, which are immune to the lower level doctrine of the Children of Darkness, and are referred to as Spirit Guides. Of necessity, they must lower their perfect Spirits in order to have better communications with Children of both sects, arriving at their stations.
  • The Spirit Guides greet disembodied Spirits and teach them about the necessity to raise their vibrations in order to return to the company of the Mind Force Community, including the Supreme Power, and the extraordinary existence they could experience in their company.
  • The Spirit Guides decode imprints of their Spirit vibrations, and explain what is needed for them to make improvements.
  • Spirits make requests to enter new entities that best prepare them for advancement. That could consist of inhabiting an entity in specific families, communities, religions, societies, governments, cities, states or nations, depending on the nature, or extent for the cause of vibrational losses. Spirit Guides do what they can to make that happen, howeverthey warn that nothing is guaranteed, i.e., entities will be contending with the power of the Children of Darkness; obtaining better vibration is highly dependent on returning with maturity, and creating an environment that is conducive to that aim. They also need conditions where bad conduct by others may be confronted, denied, denounced, corrected or improved upon without causing their own physical demise.
  • Spirits usually visualize themselves returning to an entity type that they are familiar with. It also enters without the immediate benefit of Mind Memory, relying instinctively on Bodily Memory until experience and education get it reestablished.
  • Upon departure, the assisted Spirits want to remember what their Spirit Guides taught them, but it is almost impossible without Physical Memory. The rule can be broken when Portion Memory, which contains imprints of practically any situation entity types have had, specific to their environment is drawn upon and communicated to them in the form of dreams or visions.
  • Some entities have Spirits in extreme advancement. Guides may recognize an entering Spirit, nurture and teach it, and ensure it raises its vibratory level sufficiently to make a successful return to Mind Force.
  • Spirit Guides may intervene for worthy Spirits without regard for time or motion. Prior to doing so, the encoded Spirit record is analyzed for truthfulness, and the Spirit must agree to turn over control of their decision making to them, a higher power. When it is decided that other entities other than the requesting Spirit will benefit, the Guide concentrates heavily and manifests the situation needed to fulfill the request. Procedures such as these cause innumerable converts from the Children of Darkness. There can be no guarantee that the continuity of the request will continue indefinitely. Other manifestations from a powerful Child of Darkness may cause adverse modifications to it.

In conclusion, the Spirit Guides always review the Law of Reconversion with refugee Spirits, and the disastrous consequences it may have in store for them.

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Author, God Reveals the Mysteries of Creation (written in the mid-1990s published in 2013). I spent many years deciphering and decoding information that was channeled to me by Almighty God, The Supreme Power, which is credited for the content of God Reveals the Mystery of Creation.

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