Those subdivisions of the Second companion, which were successful in convincing the subdivisions of the First companion of raising their vibrations to the Mind Force level and returning them. They underwent extremely terrible trials and tribulations to accomplish their appointed missions. When in their Mind Force Vibratory Level, they do not experience time. The Perfect Ones have opted to continue to serve the Supreme Power in several ways, and in each, they had to lower their vibrations.

  • They Staff Refugee Stations, as Guides to Spirits with lower vibrations
  • They teaching in the Cone realms at the physical level by returning as a Child of Light, exposed to all of its disadvantages, including the temptation of self-aggrandizement
  • They exist in Cone realms, striving to remove various barriers that separate religions, particularly those caused by corruption of knowledge provided by previously practicing Perfect Ones, i.e, by overly exuberant assistants for their personal promotion

It is not uncommon for the efforts of a Perfect One, to be thwarted, by those of the Dark, resulting in extreme punishment, torture and a slow painful death (as we perceive it). In many cases, a persistent Perfect One may return again as a Child of Light to complete its mission, but under a much-changed environment, i.e., time is nonexistent for them, and the return may be several years or even decades later, and under totally different circumstances due to evolvement.

Perfect Ones Operating as Children of Light, frequently confuse their subordinate counterparts. Upon notifying their counterparts upon leaving that they will return, but their counterparts are unaware of the fact that compared to an active Child of Light’s perspective, eons may pass prior to that happening. In such case, those waiting are disappointed and have long since visited a Refugee Station in Spirit form (perhaps many times).

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Author, God Reveals the Mysteries of Creation (written in the mid-1990s published in 2013). I spent many years deciphering and decoding information that was channeled to me by Almighty God, The Supreme Power, which is credited for the content of God Reveals the Mystery of Creation.

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