The process of a Mind Force thought form taking on a theoretical, physical or, materialistic design, which may be variable depending on other actions or forces acting for or against the basic thought projected. In such cases, a manifestation may be metamorphosed and thereafter the metamorphosed designs changed further, ad infinitum.

  • Based on laws that control all material things, what is manifested physically is destined to revert to the One Single Highest Vibration by the Law of Reconversion.
  • The Supreme Power may, influence foreign manifestations, but only when not interfering with free will.
  • Entities use imagination, research, and genius individually or collectively to change or modify existing manifestations.
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Author, God Reveals the Mysteries of Creation (written in the mid-1990s published in 2013). I spent many years deciphering and decoding information that was channeled to me by Almighty God, The Supreme Power, which is credited for the content of God Reveals the Mystery of Creation.

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