The Advisory Centers recommended developing a Law that would protect the Supreme Power from boredom. When the One Single Highest Vibration started on the path of awareness, it became content with Its existence and some of the simple things It could do. It also realized that it could do anything, and within Its existing power, did. At the time of that discovery, although It could do anything, that in fact was very little. Doing the same thing over and over became unexciting, and It lost interest.

The Advisory Centers made adjustments based on the idea that boredom could become a painful occurrence and a situation that must be provided for. They deduced that in spite of all the situations the Supreme Power caused to be created, the time may come when It became bored. They could not imagine anything worse for the Supreme Power than boredom. They also deduced that if the Supreme Power became bored Its companions, their subdivisions and all of creation with the ability to think and reason would have long since become bored as well and could be suffering. They also deduced that if they caused them to become obliterated, that could be usurpation of free will. The Supreme Power disapproved of their decision, and felt that if they were not put into a state of sleep, and later obliterated, they would remain in a state of suffering from boredom forever. It was decided that when It slept, they slept also. It also decided that when It awakened, the subdivisions or companions would not, i.e., that would prevent them providing clues as to what constituted the reasons for a previously boring existence.

The advisory powers had already recommended other laws to protect the Supreme Power from Itself, and made them inherent to the conversion process to the One Single Highest Vibration or Pure Energy. They decided to add another law to them, the Law of Sleep, i.e., if boredom sets in for the Supreme Power, a series of events take place automatically. All imprinted vibrations of every imaginable type are destroyed, including those of Mind Force, reducing it completely to the One Single Highest Vibration. The imprints within the First Lowest Vibration are also destroyed, but the vibration itself remains, it is inherent to the One Single Highest Vibration. The Second Lowest Vibration is left intact. It does not contain any information that would indicate the type of existence the Supreme Power experienced, but only the laws It discovered for protecting Itself from ever doing anything that would allow something else to overpower It. The Third, Fourth, Fifth, and all lower vibrations are obliterated. There can be nothing that would have indicated that It had a previous existence, except the laws that It made inherent in It’s Body, the One Single Highest Vibration. Inherently the imprints located in the Second Vibration would be used upon It awakening, and gradually learning who It is, to prevent having to relearn how to protect itself, as during Its first discovery of Self.

The Supreme Power did not feel that the Law of Sleep would ever be invoked, but also realized, that It had an obligation to Its companions, their subdivisions, and any other lower vibrations to protect them, should such a thing as boredom become a possibility. It also realized that if what was previously accomplished consisted of everything and there was nothing else left to do, and that it would not be wise to leave any clue as to the previous activity or direction that was taken. The Supreme Power did not want to repeat that; it would be counterproductive if followed again.

Saving the Second Vibration and its imprints, assured that if and when the Supreme Power awoke, those inherent laws would prevent anything that could happen in the One Single Highest Vibration from usurping Its power. The First Vibration would still exist, but it would be devoid of any earlier imprints, but available to receive subsequent imprints should Its vibrations lower and cause involuntary activity, in which case, as the lower vibrations returned, an imprint of the action they were involved with would be recorded, providing a path to follow, alerting Itself, that there may be something other than the One Single Highest Vibration available or a new beginning.

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Author, God Reveals the Mysteries of Creation (written in the mid-1990s published in 2013). I spent many years deciphering and decoding information that was channeled to me by Almighty God, The Supreme Power, which is credited for the content of God Reveals the Mystery of Creation.

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