Subdivisions of the Supreme Power’s first companion. They are endowed with Mind Force Vibrations. Due to the ill-advised, but almost infinite number of subdivisions of the Supreme Power’s first companion, It named them Fractions. The Fractions have power, but only in proportion to their size as compared to the original first companion, controlled by the Law of Division as applied to subdivisions, i.e., it shall shrink, in all ways, proportionate to the power of the new subdivision, including proportional shrinkage due to additional subdivided portions. The Fractions learned of the great quantity of Cone creations that existed and began exploring them. Their curiosity enticed them to copy the behavior of some entities. To do that, they reduced their Mind Force vibration to that of Spirit Force and drove out the dull, inferior Spirit of the entities. The vanquished Spirits will eventually return to the One Single Highest Vibration in accordance with the Law of Reconversion.

The Fractions, now in occupancy of entities could experience pleasure, pain, sex, reproduction and even total separation of Spirit or a pseudo-death, and returned from hovering to enter other entities at will. The ego centers of Fractions became a ruling force. The desire to satisfy self or self-aggrandizement became a formidable reality. New entities were created, each with improved ability to please the inhabiting Spirit. Some of them were incapable of sustaining themselves and were created and designed only for the purpose of providing pleasure to the inhabiting Spirit of the Fractions, and their vibrational levels became progressively lower.

The Supreme Power had difficulty communicating Its desires to them. A new name, the Lessers, was given to the Fractions. Free will was endowed to Fractions through Its companion and the Supreme Power was powerless to compel the Lessers to free themselves from the disgusting situation they were in. Once again the Supreme Power began to experience loneliness. (See Loneliness).

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Author, God Reveals the Mysteries of Creation (written in the mid-1990s published in 2013). I spent many years deciphering and decoding information that was channeled to me by Almighty God, The Supreme Power, which is credited for the content of God Reveals the Mystery of Creation.

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