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We will move ahead to CHAPTER XVIII where we find God making a covenant with Abram.

At age ninety-nine, the Lord promised to multiply his seed.

The covenant was that Abram and every male child of his be circumcised.

After making the covenant, God changed the names of Abram and his wife Sarai, to Abraham and Sara. Abraham was also circumcised.

In Chapter XX, we find an occurrence very similar to that which happened in Egypt between Sara and Pharaoh.

Abraham went into the land of the Philistines to dwell in the land of Gerar. When they went into the land, Abraham instructed his wife Sarah to say she was his sister as it was done in Egypt.

Soon the servants of the king, Abimelech reported to him that Sarah was exceedingly beautiful. The king summoned her and asked about Abraham. Sara replied that he was her brother. The king sent for Abraham and bestowed honors on him.

At evening time the king fell into a deep sleep and began to dream that an angel of the Lord was standing over him with a drawn sword and intended to kill him.

In the dream, he asked the angel why he wanted to slay him. The angel told him that he had slept with a married woman, the wife of Abraham, and if he failed to return her to Abraham, he and all belonging to him would die.

That night the inhabitants of the land saw the figure of a man standing with drawn sword and he smote the inhabitants. And every womb was closed and all their issues on account of the king taking Sarah.

In the morning the king arose in a terrified state of mind and called for his servants and related his dream. One of the servants was aware of the incident in Egypt, concerning pharaoh, explained it in detail and advised the king to restore Sarah to her husband lest the same fate be suffered by them. He went further and explained what happened the previous night and the great pain and lamentation they suffered and indicated it was because he took Sarah.

The king called Abraham and Sarah and asked why they had deceived him. Abraham explained that he was afraid of being killed by the king so he could have Sarah. The king in an attempt to pacify Abraham gave him silver, flocks, herds, menservants, and maidservants and told him to leave and dwell in anyplace he chose.

The king’s people were still suffering from the previous night’s infliction and he sent for Abraham to ask him to pray to the Lord and put away the damage. Abraham did as he was asked and the king and his people were healed.

“In the dream, he asked the angel why he wanted to slay him.”

My Thoughts:

Now we have two separate cases reported in Jasher about “angels” looking after Sarah and Abraham and in each case fear was implanted into the minds of kings and other people suffered.

I find it strange that Abraham could not have known in advance that his actions would cause pain and suffering.

I find it hard to believe that he would allow his wife to be a bed partner with anyone else.

As a potential explanation, I suggest that knowing Sarah would be “taken” was sufficient to “involuntarily” trigger his mental “well being” and throw it into a “rage” and in that rage he was able to project enormous power to control the minds of the king and in some cases, the bodies of the king‟s subjects.

In any event, it appears that Abraham is rewarded as a consequence of his deceit.

In an attempt to alibi for his actions of deceit I will suggest that in the mind of Abraham he was protecting Sara and himself and chose the lesser of two evils.

However, in doing so he could not stop the “rage” felt by having his wife sleep with the king.

Concentrating his thoughts and seeking revenge he implored help from the 5th dimension.

That help arrived in the form of telepathy or mind control over the king inciting fear and later gratitude as he was relieved of his “nightmare.”

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