The Book of Jasher – Chapter VIII: Part 2

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Abram was doing very well in the house of Noah and no one in the land knew it.

In the meantime, the princes of Nimrod proposed to find a suitable place and there build a city and tower. A large plain was located and construction began.

The tower was a transgression against the Lord. On account of the height of the tower, the mortar and bricks did not reach the builders in their ascent to it until those who went up had completed a full year and after that, they reached to the builders and gave them mortar and bricks and that went on daily.

The Lord watched and finally decided to descend upon them and confuse their tongues and the Lord punished them according to their works and designs. The Lord scattered them throughout the earth.

This city and tower were at the east of the land of Shinar. The children of Noah built cities far and wide, but Nimrod remained and built four cities, one was named Babel because the Lord there confounded the language of the whole earth.

In spite of the Lord’s work against Nimrod, he did not return to the Lord and continued in wickedness and teaching wickedness to the sons of men and Mardon, his son was worse than his father.

When Abram was fifty years old, he left the house of Noah and returned to Terah, his father. When he arrived he found Terah still worshiping his old gods. Abram was incited and swore that within three days he would break them all. He had a plan and put it to work, but in doing so he had to answer to his father.

In short, he discredited Terah’s gods for being impotent and good for nothing. Several arguments ensued between Abram and his father. Abram warned Terah that he would bring a great evil against his soul by serving gods of stone and wood. Abram took a hatchet and destroyed his father’s largest idol and then ran away.

Terah hurried to king Nimrod and told him all that his son had done and appealed to Nimrod to bring Abram to justice. When Abram appeared before Nimrod, he once again spoke of the impotence of the wooden and stone gods and asked him why he served them when they had no power. Abram persisted to instruct Nimrod but to no avail.

Nimrod called upon the “wise men” that were present when Abram was born and Terah’s deceit was made known to Nimrod, who became very angry and asked for an explanation. Terah put the blame on his oldest son Haran, who was innocent and had nothing to do with the matter.

When Nimrod heard the story, he had Haran and Abram seized. A furnace was ignited and both men were stripped except for their lower garments and the linen cords that bound them. Both men were cast into the furnace.

The Lord spared Abram from the fire and he walked in it for three days, but Haran died. Nimrod disbelieved the report that Abram was walking around in the fire and commanded his servants to take him out of it. The servants were afraid because the fire burned intensely and the flames threatened to burn them up. Nimrod instructed them to get Abram out or forfeit their lives.

After a second attempt, eight of the servants were killed by the flames. Nimrod then called to Abram, “O servant of the God who is in heaven, go forth from amidst the fire and come hither before me.”

Abram left the fire and was asked how he survived. Abram told him that The God of heaven and earth in whom he trusted and who has all in his power, delivered him.

My Thoughts:

In my opinion, it would seem more probable that Abram had already learned how to control the minds of men and planted the notion that he was actually in an extremely hot fire.

Continuing On… Chapter VIII: PART 2

The king, princes, and inhabitants of the land, seeing that Abram was delivered from the fire, came and bowed down to him.

Abram told them not to bow to him, but to bow to God of the world who made them and serve him, and go in his ways for it was he that delivered him and created the souls and spirits of all men.

The king and everyone else showered Abram with lavish gifts and he went forth from the king in peace and many of the king’s servants followed him along with about three hundred men.

Nahor (brother by another woman to Abram) and Abram took wives from the daughters of their older brother Haran (died in the fire). Nahor took Milca and Abram took Sarai (later to become Sarah). Sarai was barren in those days.

After two years Nimrod had a terrible dream about Abram and after explaining it to his wise men they interpreted it. In short, Abram and his “seed” would crush Nimrod and his kingdom. Nimrod was again seeking Abram in order to kill him. Word reached Abram and he ran to the safety of Noah and his son Shem.

Later his father Terah secretly visited him at Noah’s house. Abram counseled with his father and advised him to accompany him and his family to Canaan. Noah heard what Abram said to his father and advised him that it was God’s will that he follow Abram’s advice.

They left Ur Casdim (Noah‟s place) and stopped for three years in the land of Haran and some of the men there joined with Abram because he was upright and just and he taught them in the ways of the Lord.

The Lord advised Abram to go to the land of Canaan. The Lord said to him, “This is the land which I gave unto thee and to thy seed after thee forever, and I will make thy seed like the stars of heaven, and I will give unto thy seed for an inheritance all the lands which thou seest.”

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