There may never have been a more detailed explanation from God, The Supreme Power, written in the “first person” point of view as to what caused creation, not only us and the physical world, but everything beyond, including the spiritual world. No one has known, prior to this writing how creation evolves and to what extent. In God Reveals the Mysteries of Creation, you will gain First Hand insight into that fantastic event and all subsequent events that have, or will transpire, of which you are intimately affected by.

I, Robert R. Nielsen, Sr., born July 4, 1933, spent many years deciphering and decoding information that was channeled to me by Almighty God, The Supreme Power, which is credited for the content of God Reveals the Mystery of Creation. I was very careful not to corrupt the precious knowledge shared with him. This priceless information will enlighten you as to the greater meaning of creation, our purpose, and our need to return to from whence we came.

Many scholars, philosophers, scientist, physicist, astronomers, mathematicians, men and women, seeking knowledge of the creation of universes do not believe in God. In reading God Reveals the Mysteries of Creation they will probably change their mind as they learn that a force, not yet understood by them is responsible for all that is, or can ever be.

Additionally, they should perceive that the primitive force, which was and is God, The Supreme Power, was not always knowledgeable of Its supremacy. A description of Its struggles and how It managed Its evolvement is striking even to the most sophisticated intellect. Once they are shown why, how, and the eventual result of It creating and reclaiming universes, perhaps they will be convinced that it would be wise to believe in souls, a Supreme Power, and not disregard spiritual things as they normally do, leaning toward their inevitability of becoming “nothingness.” It is not so, not now, or ever – unless…

The body of work is preceded by an autobiography of myself and some details of my interesting and adventurous life. As a young man I pondered the teachings of the Bible and searched for the deeper meaning of that Holy Book, and sought to gain lost wisdom, which has only been partly taught to mankind because of jealousy and other misunderstandings, which led to corruption. Having devoted most of my life to my career and family, I feel privileged at this point to have been chosen to transcribe, after many hours of exhaustive transmissions from The Supreme Power, this valuable and sacred perspective.

I feel this book provides original truths previously given to wise men and women, which have been corrupted by self-serving elitist priests of every religious institution. These truths will enhance understanding the sometimes confusing Holy Bible and many of the other sacred texts that have been handed down throughout history. I feel that in spite of all the wisdom that has been imparted to mankind through the ages, that the unstable condition of the world today, has moved The Supreme Power, knower of all things, to act upon the desperate urgency of our need for truthful instruction that provides a return to It. I believe The Supreme Power has not given up on us and has provided all the reasons to adhere to Its Will and Its desire to share knowledge that a soul needs to adhere to for survival, as portrayed in this Divinely inspired book of prophecy.

I believe the body of work contained in this book is another attempt by The Supreme Power to reach us and shed light upon the path we must understand and follow to return, and share an eternally loving existence with It and Its companions, which consists of magnificent, wonderfully thrilling, and unimaginable adventures. It would be hard to conceive of anyone living or dead that could not benefit from sharing in this Divine knowledge.

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